2021080018 – Update Engine Control Unit Software – 2019-2020 Mercedes-Benz

This is to notify you of the Emission Recall Campaign LAUNCH notification to update the engine control unit software in 1,812 Model Year (“MY”) 2019-2020 C, E, S, GLS, GLE, GLC, SLC, SL, G & AMG GT-Class (205, 213, 217, 222, 166, 292, 253, 172, 231, 463, 290, 190 platforms). A customer notification letter will be mailed to customers advising of this emission recall, which may generate questions. Affected VINs will be flagged in VMI as “OPEN” on July 1, 2022.


Mercedes-Benz AG (“MBAG”), the manufacturer of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, has determined that certain vehicles may not meet current OBD software requirements.

What We’re Doing

What We’re Doing MBUSA will conduct a voluntary Emission Recall Campaign in which an authorized Mercedes- Benz dealer will update the engine control unit software in the affected vehicles.

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