PC853 – Third Row Outboard Headrests – 2022 Nissan Pathfinder

Third Row Outboard Headrests

Voluntary Recall Campaign


Date: January 7, 2022

***** Campaign Summary*****

Nissan is committed to the safety and security of our customers and their passengers. Nissan has updated the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Transport Canada that review of additional delivery and production records for Pathfinder vehicles at the Smyrna, TN plant has allowed Nissan to more accurately identify vehicles affected by the issues subject to campaign PC844. The specific MY22 Nissan Pathfinder vehicles subject to this campaign have been removed from PC844 activity and are being relaunched under this new campaign ID: PC853 to replace the driver (LH) side and passenger (RH) side third row outboard seat headrests.

Due to a supplier assembly issue, there is a potential misalignment of certain internal components of the outboard third-row seat headrests, which may cause the customer to notice abnormal movement due to over travel of the headrest As a result, the third-row outboard headrests may not perform as intended during an accident, and could potentially increase the risk of injury.

Under these conditions, the third row headrests are non-compliant with 54.2.6 and 54.2.7, respectively of FMVSS 202a; Head Restraints.

Affected vehicles are subject to stop sale and are either currently in dealer inventory or assigned and in transit to the dealer.

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