Safety Recall: 2007-2013 Honda Fit & 2012 Civic Hybrid Driveshaft Failure


Due to improper manufacturing, the paint on the driveshaft may peel and chip over time, exposing the bare metal and potentially causing it to corrode. A corroded driveshaft can potentially break during high torque conditions rendering the vehicle unmovable, or allow the vehicle to roll while in Park, which can increase the potential of a crash or injury.

The affected VIN population for this recall was determined based on information available to Honda at the time the recall was announced. All unaffected VINs have been marked closed (C) for service bulletin 20-120 in the iN VIN status inquiry. Unaffected VINs in your dealer inventory are no longer on STOP SALE. Make sure to notify any customers of unaffected vehicles who were previously told their vehicle may be subject to this safety recall. If a customer believes their vehicle should be included in the campaign due to information not available to Honda (either at the time of recall announcement or thereafter), contact your DPSM and have the customer contact American Honda with their concern. For any questions or concerns that customers may have, you may direct them to contact American Honda�s Customer Support & Campaign Center at 888-234-2138.

All affected VINs are OPEN in the iN VIN status inquiry, and any affected VINs in your dealer inventory are still on STOP SALE.

This bulletin will be updated with the repair information once the parts information is available.

Remedy Instructions and TSB

February 16, 2021

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